Senin, 24 Mei 2010

Get Vista and Windows 7 Chess Titans Game on Windows XP (All) For Free!

Well, one of some Vista and Windows 7 games (both of them still share similar games with only additional online games on 7) which was still not be able to be ported back to Windows XP is Chess Titans (originally created by Oberon for Microsoft) for "some technical reasons". Yes anyway so far you can still get other ported Vista (or Seven) games on XP though e.g. here: (or just google it for more options btw).

But hey thankfully there are always some great people who are still working hard to port such features back to XP for its loyal users for free. So finally as a result here is a working version of Chess Titans for Windows XP that you can download, install, and play the game on XP for free, as you can see the above screenshot (proof), yea obviously without need to have Vista or Windows 7 at all!

Please note running the game requires .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 installed first as the main prerequisite, which you can download from Microsoft for free here, only if you don't already have it installed:

The good news is you can also play the game not only on Windows XP (and equivalently Windows Server 2003), but even also Vista and Windows 7 especially Basic Editions (non-Ultimate/Premium) as well, which have no Chess Titans game too just like XP. At least you'd also need to have a computer with a capable DirectX 9 graphic card for playing Chess Titans though as recommended for best result, but don't worry, as already tested personally by me even it would also run well on a non-high end machine without any significant problem. Finally please enjoy the game and share it for free.

~ Download Chess Titans for Windows XP (All) for free here:

(Please feel free to reupload and/or redistribute it for free by yourself if you want etc, thanks).

...Btw to get Vista or Seven Mahjong Titans on Windows XP please visit here:

Finally please enjoy for free, and long live XP!